Community Outreach

Mountain Health Network shares a common value - providing excellent care that promotes lifelong good health. The Mountain Health Network hospitals have a long tradition of caring for the needs of the communities it serves. We continually assess how we can serve our communities and, as part of our mission, are dedicated to on-going education regarding health and well-being. CHH provides a number of outreach activities on a regular basis.

Process for Donations and Community Support

We receive hundreds of requests annually for very worthy community efforts and strive to fulfill as many as possible. To align with our mission of improving the well-being of all we serve while being responsible stewards of our resources, we prioritize requests to meet the greatest community impact.

Mountain Health Network seeks to support programs that help engage the community and advance community health. As such, we prioritize requests that support the Mountain Health Network 2019 - 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and give priority to community projects that foster healthy living, proper nutrition, exercise, wellness and disease management. The link to the full Community Health Needs Assessment report can be found here

If you would like to be considered as a recipient for funding, please complete and submit the Mountain Health Network Community Building and Donation Request Form found below. If you have more than one request, please submit a separate completed form for each request. To be considered for the 2023 budget (begins October 1, 2022), please submit requests by March 6, 2022. Submissions received after March 6 will be considered as funds are available or moved to the following year for consideration.

A subcommittee of the Mountain Health Network board will assist in determining community project engagement and help prioritize requests made on behalf of the system. Board involvement, in partnership with community activities and initiatives, will drive prioritization for community sponsorships.

Thank you for all that you do for our community.

Mountain Health Network Community Building and Donation Request Form